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Eagle Staff Fund (ESF)

Category: State Incentives, Grants & Loans

AGENCY: First Nations Development Institute
DESCRIPTION: The Eagle Staff Fund seeks to support Native grassroots and tribal organizations that are working to create Native-controlled reservation economies.
• The Eagle Staff Fund promotes economic development through:Technical assistance and Financial resources.
• Seed Grants: Are the only type of grant available to individuals and may be used to develop a project for further funding.
• Start-up Grants: Are available for new projects or programs; adding staff or extending services;, marketing strategies, feasibility studies, or entrepreneurial activities.
• Working Capital Grants: Are available for development enterprises, alternative financing strategies, and business activities that contribute to the sustainability of Indian non-profit organizations.
• Development Capital Grants: Are available to organizations with demonstrated management and program stability, funded projects have implications for national policy reform; and may be applicable elsewhere in Indian country.

• Eligible organizations include:•  Tribal or Native government programs or entities;
• Tribal or Native government enterprises;
• Tribally or community - controlled development organizations;
• Tribally or Native - controlled health, education, or other social programs or institutions;
• Native arts and crafts associations,coops and guilds;
• Intertribal and regional Tribal or Native groups;
• Native grass roots efforts and community programs;
• Native organizations or associations providing a direct service or program to reservations or local Native communities;
• Native traditionally structured family efforts or household income-generating activities; and
• Nativeindividuals.
• All prospective applicants must submit a letter of intent.
• Visit the website at http://www.firstnations.org/gEagle.asp or email them at info@firstnations.org.

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