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New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program (SBAP)

Category: Local Incentives, Business Expansion

AGENCY: Environment Department, Air Quality Bureau
DESCRIPTION: The primary purpose of the SBAP is to assist small businesses which are or will be subject to requirements under the federal 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments or New Mexico Air Quality Regulations. The goal of the SBAP is to help businesses comply through education and technical assistance, not enforcement. This is for a company that complies with what the Air Quality Bureau defines a "small business" in 20.2.75 NMAC.
• The SBAP offers technical assistance through site visits/consultations, preliminary determinations of emission types and amounts, SBAP library, a toll-free hotline, newsletters and fact sheets, pollution prevention information, an amnesty program, industry specific workshops, information about state and federal air quality requirements, help filling out forms, self-audit compliance checklists, and regulation updates.
• Qualifying small businesses include those that:
• Are owned and operated by a person who employs 10 or fewer individuals;
• Do note mit 50 tons or more per year of carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen oxides, ozone, sulfur oxides, particulate matter less than 10 micrometers in diameter or volatile organic compounds, or 75 tons per year of all regulated air contaminants for which there are national or New Mexico Ambient Air Quality Standards;
• Emit less than 10 tons per year of each hazardous air pollutant (HAP) listed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA);
• Emit less than 2 tons per year of all HAP scombined; and
• For sources that satisfy the definition of "smallbusiness", the permit fee is reduced by 50%.
Because General Construction Permits (GCPs) issued by the Air Quality Bureau allow for up to 95 tons per year of certain regulated air contaminants, fee reduction does not apply to this type of permit.
• The SBAP Amnesty Program provides qualifying small businesses relief from enforcement activities while the small business is making good faith efforts to meet air quality requirements.
• The SBAP offers assistance to small businesses in New Mexico, with the exception of Bernalillo County and Tribal lands. The City of Albuquerque/Bernalillo Air Quality Assistance Program (AQAP) regulates businesses located in the County of Bernalillo and may be reached at (505) 768- 1972. Business located on Tribal land do not fall under state or local jurisdiction.
• For more information, visit or call (505) 476-4300.

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