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New Mexico Workforce Connection

Category: Local Incentives, Business Expansion

PROGRAM: New Mexico Workforce Connection
AGENCY: Office of Workforce Training and Development
DESCRIPTION: The NM Workforce Connection is a system that is integrated and coordinated through the alignment of economic development, education and job training programs for the purpose of increasing employment, job retention and earnings of the citizens of New Mexico and competitiveness of the state’s economy.
ELIGIBILITY: Target career clusters include:
• Arts and Entertainment.
• Information and Communication.
• Business Services.
• Energy and Environmental Technologies.
• Health and Biosciences.
• Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction.
• Hospitality and Tourism. 
STRUCTURE: The connection works to:
• Research the quality of the state’s labor supply.
• Operates One-Stop Career Centers.
• Provides business services including assistance: 
• Hiring;
• Screening potential employees;
• Training current employees;
• Retaining workers; and
• Expanding business opportunities. 
• One service is the Career Readiness Certificate: A portable credential–national/regional/state;
• A tool to improve workforce skills and employment opportunities
• Documents foundation skills necessary for workplace success;
• Based on Work Keys assessments;
• Initiated by OWTD–implementation planning driven by partnership of education, workforce, and economic development; and
• This Certificate provides a portable credential that demonstrates that an individual has achieved
• For the foundation skills necessary for success in the workplace. One service is the Career Readiness Certificate.
• For more information, visit or call (505) 841-8405.

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