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Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program

Category: Local Incentives, Business Expansion

DESCRIPTION: The Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program provides a free service designed to speed the transfer of space technology to the private sector by assisting small businesses facing technical challenges.
ELIGIBILITY: Businesses include but are not limited to consumer goods, technology, manufacturing, distribution, safety and protection, electrical, transportation and more.
• A Request for Technical Assistance (RTA) can be accepted from a small business, an entrepreneur, an inventor or any other general organization (public, not-for-profit, etc.).
• The RTA must have a distinct and identifiable problem.
• For each request, the technical problem must appear to be solvable in the 40-hour time allotment.
• For non-developed products, the company requesting must have a prototype or specific drawings. ?
• A company submits a request for Technical Assistance (RTA) submitted to SATOP which is then evaluated.
• SATOP Partners distribute RTA’S to technical contacts who determine their level of assistance.
• SATOP Partners contact requestor and provide up to 40 hours of assistance. The partner informs ?SATOP when the project is complete. Most requests are fulfilled within 90 days. ?
• An RTA cannot be accepted from a company or business outside of the United States.
• The requester cannot seek technical assistance if the solution can be provided by existing products, ?technologies and services.
• For more information, visit,, or call

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