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AGENCY: Flywheel Ventures
DESCRIPTION: Flywheel Ventures is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm focused on information technology and physical sciences ventures in the Southwest/Rockies region. The firm matches talented entrepreneurs with market opportunities where Flywheel’s capital, entrepreneurial experience and industry relationships help accelerate innovations into profitable companies. Flywheel’s goal is to be the premier early-stage technology venture capital firm in the Southwest/Rockies region and a catalyst for its emergence as a world-class technology center. Flywheel has offices in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Silicon Valley.
ELIGIBILITY: Flywheel’s investment strategy is to make seed- and early-stage private equity investments in high technology ventures located primarily in the Southwest/Rockies region, with an emphasis on emerging innovation centers in New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona.
PROGRAM LOAN/STRUCTURE: The fund targets initial investments of $100,000-$1 million in new and emerging innovations and entrepreneurs arising out of the region’s research universities, R&D organizations and national laboratories. As lead investors, Flywheel expects to take board positions on investments, with no more than five active board seats per Flywheel team member at any given time. With respect to seed investments in its target region, Flywheel expects to reserve capital in a ratio of at least 3:1 for follow-on investments. Flywheel team members aim to be active investors, applying a traditional portfolio management approach with a focus on governance, investment oversight and hands- on support to assist companies in achieving milestones.
• The fund focuses on the region’s key sector drivers, including software, telecommunications, semiconductors, clean technology, and advanced materials. In addition, Flywheel looks for ventures that meet the following criteria:
• Product/services that re-segment existing markets or leverage disruptive technologies;
• Business models that offer a capital efficient path to profitability and/or shareholder liquidity; and
• Ventures in which Flywheel team’s expertise, experience and relationships can add concrete and significant value.
• Visit or call (800) 750-7870.

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