Zuni Education and Career Development Center

1 Twinn Buttes Dr. • Zuni, NM 87327
United States
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We believe that partnerships coupled with integrated, comprehensive services and opportunities in a one-stop service environment will positively impact the individuals, their families and the Zuni Community.

The Zuni 477 Program operates a one-stop point of contact and delivery of services for three (3) categories of direct services identified below:
*Employment & Training Component *Education & Training Component
Adult Work Experience Higher Education Scholarships
Youth Work Experience Job Placement & Training Funding
Classroom Training Career Guidance and Advisement
Volunteer Work Federal Financial Aid Assistance
Job Search Referral for ABE/GED
Referral to GED/ABE Programs

*Supportive Services Component *Other Services Provided:
• Financial Assistance
• General Assistance
• Low Income Home Energy Assistance
• To Assist with primary source of heating (No Deadline)
Child Care Services
Minor Vehicle Repair
Relocation Assistance
Tuition, Books, Supplies
Transportation Passes
Eyewear Assistance
Uniforms (Job Required)
Basic Work Tools
GED Test Fees
Testing/Licensure Fees