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DESCRIPTION: Angel investors and angel investor groups are sources of private capital. Most investors keep their information and operations private. However, certain non-profit intermediary groups are often set up to screen businesses before requests are presented to angel investors. ELIGIBLE USE: • Fund raising. • Generally require les... Learn More
AGENCY: New Mexico incorporated municipalities and counties DESCRIPTION: A Business Improvement District is a special taxing district implemented to generate revenue for infrastructure improvements necessary for economic development projects. PROGRAM/LOAN STRUCTURE: • Local governments are empowered to create a Business Improvement District. In some cases local residents mus... Learn More
AGENCY: New Mexico incorporated municipalities and counties DESCRIPTION: The governing body of a county or a municipality may, by a majority vote of the elected members, adopt a resolution exempting commercial personal property of a new business facility located in the county or municipality from th... Learn More
AGENCY: First Nations Financial Project (FNFP), Oweesta Program DESCRIPTION: As part of an ongoing effort to stimulate small businesses, home ownership and economic development in Native Communities, OWEESTA provides the training and technical assistance needed to get Native Community Development Financial Institution (NCDFI) up and running. ELIGIBL... Learn More
AGENCY: New Mexico incorporated municipalities and counties DESCRIPTION: Pursuant to the Industrial Revenue Bond Act, New Mexico municipalities and counties are authorized to issue IRBs to stimulate the expansion and relocation of commercial and industrial projects in the state. ELIGIBLE USE: • IRB financing for land, buildings an... Learn More
AGENCY: Economic Development Department (EDD), International Trade Division DESCRIPTION: The International Trade Division offers export assistance, consultations on business practices, and a wealth of knowledge in doing business internationally. Additionally, they have trade networks throughout the globe available to assist you in a variety of matters. STRUCTURE: &bull... Learn More
AGENCY: International Trade Administration (Federal) DESCRIPTION: Under a cooperative agreement between the district office of the International Trade Administration and the Trade Division of the New Mexico Economic Development Department (EDD), exporters and importers may receive timely assistance with most routine trade issues, as well a... Learn More
AGENCY: New Mexico incorporated municipalities and counties DESCRIPTION: The Local Economic Development Act allows communities the option of offering local government aid to qualifying business entities for economic development projects. STRUCTURE: • One of LEDA’s advantages is that it allows municipalities and counties to enter into joint power... Learn More
AGENCY: New Mexico incorporated municipalities and counties ELIGIBILITY: Communities that have already passed the Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) are able to pass a LOGRT. STRUCTURE: • The community votes to raise its LOGRT. • The rate is set at 1/8 of 1%. • Revenue must be used for economi... Learn More
AGENCY: Economic Development Department (EDD), Economic Development Division DESCRIPTION: MainStreet provides technical assistance, services and resources to its affiliated non-profit organizations for downtown revitalization and redevelopment. It does so through the Four Point ApproachTM of the National Trust Main Street Center, providing strategic planning and implementatio... Learn More
DESCRIPTION: Mesa Capital Partner’s mission is to grow small businesses by providing equity capital for expansion, investment and restructuring. ELIGIBILITY: Early stage and small business sector located in geographic areas underserved by other capital providers. STRUCTURE: • Focuses on cash flow generation and sustainability where traditional venture capita... Learn More
AGENCY: New Mexico Community Capital DESCRIPTION: New Mexico Community Capital’s mission is “to improve the lives of New Mexicans, particularly those in rural and economically under-served areas, by investing in New Mexican businesses, helping those companies prosper, and contribute to their communities.” STRUCTURE: • The average investment o... Learn More
AGENCY: New Mexico Community Foundation DESCRIPTION: The New Mexico Community Foundation offers small grants, technical assistance, "capacity building" workshops, and serves as a convener around important issues for non-profit organizations and communities throughout New Mexico, especially in rural areas. ELIGIBLE USES: • Assistance is available for community organizin... Learn More
DESCRIPTION: The NMFA is dedicated to improving the lives of New Mexicans by planning and financing infrastructure, strengthening the economy through public/private partnerships and setting the standard for superior, diverse, innovative and solution-driven financing. ELIGIBILITY: Programs include a Public Project Revolving Fund, Drinking Water State Revolvin... Learn More
AGENCY: New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) DESCRIPTION: MEP is a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation with an industry lead Board of Directors. Its mission is “to help New Mexico’s existing and emerging small and medium manufacturing enterprises strengthen their global competitiveness by extending advanced manufacturing methods... Learn More
AGENCY: Environment Department, Air Quality Bureau DESCRIPTION: The primary purpose of the SBAP is to assist small businesses which are or will be subject to requirements under the federal 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments or New Mexico Air Quality Regulations. The goal of the SBAP i... Learn More
AGENCY: New Mexico Small Business Development Centers (NMSBDC) DESCRIPTION: The mission of the NMSBDC is to strengthen the economy of New Mexico by providing direct assistance, entrepreneurial education and resource linkages designed to facilitate the retention and expansion of existing small businesses, and the creation o... Learn More
AGENCY: New Mexico Technet DESCRIPTION: Technet is an Albuquerque-based non-profit organization established to develop a state-of-the-art communications network linking major research laboratories, universities, government agencies and businesses throughout the state. ELIGIBLE USES: • The network is designed to allow subscribing organizations and individuals access to a wide arra... Learn More
PROGRAM: New Mexico Workforce Connection AGENCY: Office of Workforce Training and Development DESCRIPTION: The NM Workforce Connection is a system that is integrated and coordinated through the alignment of economic development, education and job training programs for the purpose of increasing employment, job retention and earnings o... Learn More
AGENCY: New Mexico Economic Development Department DESCRIPTION: The Office of Business Advocacy advances New Mexico business and enterprise with expansion, retention and growth. ELIGIBLE USE: • Enables business owners to break through regulatory roadblocks and red tape. • Helps navigate state government with assistance for permitting or licenses, inspections... Learn More
AGENCY: US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development (RD), Rural Business- Cooperative Service (RBS) DESCRIPTION: The Cooperative Development Assistance Program helps rural residents form new cooperative businesses and improve the operations of existing cooperatives. ELIGIBLE USES: • Technical assistance. • Cooperative development assistance. • Education and information. • Statistics. • Conduct cooperative-relate... Learn More
AGENCY: U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development (RD), Rural Housing Service (RHS) DESCRIPTION: Guarantees lender's loans to construct rental housing for very low- to moderate- income income households; or elderly, handicapped, disabled persons with income not in excess of 115% of the median income o... Learn More
AGENCY: Small Business Administration (SBA) DESCRIPTION: Through the 8(a) Program, small businesses owned by socially and economically disadvantaged persons may obtain federal government contracts and other assistance in developing their business. ELIGIBLE USE: • The SBA acts as a prime contractor and enters into all types of federa... Learn More
AGENCY: Small Business Administration (SBA) DESCRIPTION: SBIC's are privately-owned and operated investment companies licensed by the SBA to provide equity, venture capital and/or loans to small businesses and minority-owned businesses. ELIGIBLE USE: • The SBIC must provide equity capital to small businesses. • The SBIC may loan money t... Learn More
DESCRIPTION: The Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program provides a free service designed to speed the transfer of space technology to the private sector by assisting small businesses facing technical challenges. ELIGIBILITY: Businesses include but are not limited to consumer goods, technology, manufacturing, distribution, safety and protection... Learn More
AGENCY: UNM Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER), University of New Mexico DESCRIPTION: Provides research and information services for businesses and economic development organizations. BBER maintains a socioeconomic data bank and serves as a repository for U.S. Census Bureau data. ELIGIBLE USES: • Types of data availabl... Learn More
AGENCY: Utility Companies DESCRIPTION: Because a healthy business environment is important to utility companies, most have business development specialists on staff. ELIGIBLE USES: • Most utility companies provide rate incentives to their industrial users. • In addition, most utility companies provide referrals to: • Sources of financing and incentives; • Informatio... Learn More
AGENCY: National Minority Suppliers Development Council (NMSDC) or Small Business Administration (SBA) DESCRIPTION: The primary objective of the National Minority Supplier Development Council is to provide a direct link between corporate America and minority-owned businesses. The Minority and Women-Owned Business Vendor-Partner Program facilitates the process o... Learn More
DESCRIPTION: WESST is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to help create economic security by reducing the risks of starting and owning a business. ELIGIBLE USES: • WESST will assist a business owner in: • Assessing new business ideas; • Determining financialoptions; • Pricing products and services; • Developing market research; &bull... Learn More
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