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Navajo Business and Industrial Development Fund

Category: Local Incentives, Grants & Loans

AGENCY: Navajo Nation, Division of Economic Development Support

DESCRIPTION: The division provides loans or loan guarantees to qualified Navajo individuals or Navajo-owned businesses. The program is intended to foster the establishment of new businesses or the expansion of existing businesses within the Navajo Nation's territorial jurisdiction.


  • Funds can be used for any business purpose including, but not limited to: the purchase of equipment, working capital, the construction of permanent facilities and the purchase of existing business interests, excluding goodwill.



  • Maximum Program Benefits: Minimum loan is $10,000; maximum loan is $150,000 for new businesses and 10,000 to $200,000 for expanding business. Loan not to exceed 90% of purchase price of assets, or 95% of value of permanent improvements on a reservation site.
  • Equity: Requires 10% equity from borrowers. Those unable to meet this requirement can apply for financial assistance from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
  • Maturities: Depends on how the funds will be used:
  • Working capital: not to exceed 48 months;
  • Working capital for wages: not to exceed 12 months;
  • Equipment: useful life, not to exceed 72 months;
  • Permanent improvements: useful life, up to 204 months;
  • Existing business interests: not to exceed 84 months; and
  • The term of any loan is not to exceed two-thirds of the remainder of any land lease. If loan funds are to be used for more than one of the above categories, then the maximum term will be a weighted average based on the amount for each use.
  • Rates: Minimum of 1% above Wall Street Journal prime rate.



  • Must be an enrolled member of the Navajo Tribe.
  • Partnerships, corporations or forms other than sole proprietorships must be 100% Navajo-owned and ?controlled.
  • The business venture must be located within the territorial jurisdiction of the Navajo Nation.


Visit the homepage at, the business programs page at, and download the guidelines at Call the main office at (928) 871-6544.

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