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Technology Transfer

Category: Green Incentives, Energy Incentives

AGENCY: Los Alamos National Laboratory, Phillips Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory and University of New Mexico (UNM)
DESCRIPTION: Technology transfer is now a mission of all Department of Energy Laboratories. The labs and UNM have expressed their eagerness and ability to develop cooperative agreements with industry.
• Through mutually beneficial agreements, business owners may access:
• Facilities;
• Proprietary intellectual property through government waivers, licensing, and cooperative research and development agreements;
• Joint and cooperative research and development;?
• Personnel exchanges;?
• Consulting agreements; individual and institutional;?
• Informal, short-term advice and problem solving;?
• On and off-site training seminars and colloquy; and?
• Participation with the extensive and active chapters of scientific engineering and professional associations.
• Los Alamos National Laboratories
• Sandia National Laboratories
• Philips Laboratory
• University of New Mexico

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