Building Trades in the Community

Many people in Gallup and McKinley County already work with their hands. This training program is designed to upskill them so that they take those skills and can apply them to the use of modern machinery and develop the additional technical and workskills necessary to add value to hiring companies. 

workersBuilding Trades in the Community

GGEDC is working with local businesses to build trades within Gallup and McKinley county. As the skills of the workforce are enhanced, local businesses have the opportunity to grow and expand, creating additional career opportunities for residents. 

“My hope is to get people involved and a sense of camaraderie with the employers and the workforce.” The goal is to get one person from a family through the program and a job will get others to come through the program. “We want to elevate the community and bring everyone up together. Being able to help someone to have a self-sufficient wage and be successful is the goal. UNM-Gallup is here but its not for everyone. Helping people get jobs that pay $10 to $17 an hour helps to instill hope and build trades within our community,” said Johnny Gonzalez, Former GGEDC Workforce Development Manager. 

The 10-week course is held at the Southwest Indian Foundation, with half the time being spent in the classroom and the other half working at job sites. The work includes:

  • Building houses
  • Working with the U.S. Forest Service
  • Obtaining NCCER certifications
  • Skills outlined by area employers 
  • Classroom work
  • Hands-on skills training
  • Internship opportunities 
  • Certifications 
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