Training and Apprenticeship

Gallup and McKinley County residents are encouraged to apply to participate in the Greater Gallup Industrial Workforce Program. This is an incredible opportunity to increase skills, connect with local employers, and secure an in-demand job that pays a living wage. 

Local employers are working closely with GGEDC to ensure that the curriculum being taught is aligned with the skills they need today. This ensures that those who graduate from the program will be ready to work and matched with local employers. For anyone who wants a better career, but doesn’t want to go to college, this is the best opportunity for a better life. 

What It Takes

Completing the training program and a future apprenticeship takes desire, dedication and effort. Local employers want to hire trained workers and provide them with a long-term career. To get it, participants must be intentional in their efforts and desire to learn and work hard. Those who do, and graduate, have unlimited opportunities. 


Participation in the Greater Gallup Industrial Workforce Program is offered at no cost! In fact, after two weeks, participants are eligible for a paid stipend of $9 an hour! 

Program Components

The Greater Gallup Industrial Workforce Program has four main components. In addition, participants learn skills like time management, personal health and accountability. 

workers1. Core

The 80-hour curriculum exposes students to industrial employment. Graduates will receive a National Center for Construction Education and Research blue card, an OSHA 10-hour general industry completion card, a program completion certificate, and a letter of recommendation for employment. 

2. Core Plus

This 160-hour curriculum delivers advanced instruction and training. 

3. Adult Work Experience

Those in need of work experience can receive 160 hours of practical hands-on experience and be paid at least $9 an hour.

4. On-the-job Training

Workers may receive additional on-the-job training with 50 - 75% of their wages reimbursed to employers. This provides an additional incentive for local employers to hire workers in need of additional experience. 

On-going Support

Once participants graduate from the program, Gallup EDC, will continue to work with them to find a job, get any additional certifications and ensure they are doing well in their new positions. 

We want to elevate the community and bring everyone up together. Being able to help someone to have a self-sufficient wage and be successful is the goal. UNM-Gallup is here but its not for everyone. We are helping people to get jobs that pay $10 to $17 an hour helps to instill hope and give people a better future.


This program is 100 percent employer-based. Local employers are working with GGEDC to ensure that the skills being taught are aligned with the jobs they are hiring for today, or expect to hire for in the near future. Local employers benefit from the program for its ability to produce trained workers and place people in internship and pre-apprenticeship positions.

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