Gallup Rail-Served Business Park is an Ideal Location for Southwest Businesses

Gallup Rail-Served Business Park is an Ideal Location for Southwest Businesses Main Photo

11 Dec 2019

Gallup, New Mexico is strategically located in the Southwestern United States. Businesses seeking a Southwestern location that offers immediate rail access should consider the Gallup Energy Logistics Park, a Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Certified Site. 

Benefits of Choosing a BNSF Certified Site

BNSF certifies sites that offer direct rail access with the preliminary work complete to make building faster and easier. The process to become certified is rigorous, and there are 24 BNSF Certified Sites throughout the country. Benefits of a BNSF Certified Site, include:

  • Shovel-ready
  • Reduced development time (save an average of 6 to 9 months)
  • Increased speed to market
  • Site is rail-served by BNSF

Gallup Energy Logistics Park 

Gallup Energy Logistics Park, LLC (GELP) is a rail-served industrial development on 2,500 acres of property located within McKinley County, New Mexico, five miles north of the City of Gallup. BNSF has certified a 365-acre rail-served parcel located within the 2,500-acre development. The site currently has 20,000 linear feet of rail connecting to the BNSF mainline and recent improvements have been made to local roads to improve access to Interstate 40 and NM State Highway 491. 

In 2017, the $6.5-million Phase I was completed to create 11,000 linear feet of new rail connecting the BNSF mainline to the park.


  • 365-acre parcel
  • Direct access to BNSF
  • Access to Interstate 40 & State Highway 491 
  • Permitted for heavy industrial development 
  • Electric provided by Gallup Joint Utilities & Continental Divide Electric Cooperative
  • Gas provided by NM Gas Company
  • Water provided by Gallup Joint Utilities

Telecommunications provided by CenturyLink & Sacred Wind Communication 

Ideal Location for Multiple Industries

The Gallup Energy Logistics Park is ideal for any business requiring affordable real estate in the Southwest that is also rail-served. In addition, Gallup’s workforce is hardworking, loyal and accustomed to working in the energy, logistics and manufacturing industries. 

Industries that would do well in GELP include:

  • Material storage and warehousing
  • Trans loading
  • Rail car storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Trucking operations
  • Cart maintenance and repair

About Gallup and McKinley County

BNSF Certified site logoMcKinley County is located in northwest New Mexico, U.S.A. Gallup is the county seat and known for being the “Most patriotic small town in America” and a diverse community. Over 21,000 people call the city home and there is a good mix of blue and white-collar workers. 

Some of the advantages to Gallup and McKinley County are access to affordable real estate (residential and commercial), a relatively low cost of living, below-average taxes, easy transportation access by the highway and rail, and an average commute time of only 18-minutes. 

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