Public Services

Our business community plays a key role in the lives of Gallup's citizens. Economic activities generate jobs and tax revenues, which in turn have a huge impact on the quality of life for residents. In partnership with the City of Gallup, Greater Gallup Economic Development Corporation makes available a variety of services and information to assist new and existing businesses in achieving their objectives.

The City of Gallup

The City of Gallup Charter follows the council-manager form of government. The 4-member (by districts) City Council appoints the city manager to act as the city's chief administrative officer. The mayor, an elected position, functions as ceremonial head of the municipality, presiding over council meetings and making appointments to boards but having  little direct role in day-to-day municipal administration.

The City of Gallup and its Planning & Development Department provide various advantages for economic development including:

  • Fast development review and approval process.
  • Easy to use land development standards.
  • City-provided utilities (electric, water, wastewater, and solid waste).
  • Clearly delineated processes.
  • Quick response taskforce with all City Departments.
  • No impact fees.
  • Permit fees “locked in” since 1991.
  • Providing a dedicated building inspector and development ombudsman.

McKinley County

McKinley County is a multicultural, sustainable community with economic opportunities for income potential that allow personal independence for all county residents. McKinley County provides innovative strategic support to build a thriving community for working, living, visiting and doing business.

McKinley County is governed by a 3-member Board of Commissioners which sets policy for the governance of the county.