The Gallup/McKinley area has been the site of oil, natural gas, and coal production since 1927.

All production to date has been obtained from the Chaco Slope of the San Juan Basin in the northeast part of McKinley County. A cumulative total of 27.5 million barrels of oil and 6.9 billion cubic-feet of gas have been produced. High potential exists for energy resource development and supportive business industry in the Gallup/McKinley area.


Regional Hydrogen Hub Initiative 

Spurred by the interest by a major corporation to purchase the Escalante Generating Station, a former coal-fired power plant in Prewitt, NM, with the aim of transitioning it to hydrogen-fueled, GGEDC has been planning the development of the Prewitt Industrial Park near the plant. GGEDC is targeting companies for the industrial park that that can be used by end users in the planned Prewitt Industrial Park. As a result, GGEDC is targeting industries that require large amounts of heat, or electricity, or who will use locally produced hydrogen directly in their operations . For more information about this initiative, click here for a white paper produced for the 2023 GGEDC Annual Roundtable “The Prewitt Industrial Park and the Western Inter-State Hydrogen Hub.”