The City of Gallup / McKinley County Region has 32 public schools and 25 private schools.

The City of Gallup / McKinley County region consists of two school districts; Gallup-McKinley County School District and Zuni Public School District. The Zuni Public School District serves the Zuni Reservation. The Gallup-McKinley County School District serves the rest of McKinley County including the City of Gallup and the Navajo Nation. In addition, there are two parochial schools; Sacred Heart Catholic School and Rehoboth Christian School.

Gallup – McKinley County School District
Number of Students: 12, 281 (2020 - 2021, NMPED)
Number of Schools: 32

Elementary Schools 16
Mid Schools 7
High Schools 9

Zuni Public School District
Number of Students: 1,356 (2021 - 2022, NMPED)
Number of Schools: 5

Elementary Schools 2
Mid Schools 1
High Schools 2


Charter Schools

The City of Gallup / McKinley County region has a wide variety of educational and workforce training options. There are 4 colleges and universities within a 60-mile drive. Additionally, there are 32 community colleges and universities throughout the state, including nationally renowned programs at University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, and New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. New Mexico State University also has a campus in neighboring Cibola County that also trains members of the Gallup-McKinley County workforce.

University of New Mexico - Gallup

The University of New Mexico – Gallup is a branch campus of the University of New Mexico. UNM-Gallup is a comprehensive vocational and transfer institution that offers Certificates in 19 disciplines and Associate’s Degrees in 43 programs. UNM-Gallup also offers Bachelor’s Degrees in six disciplines, Master’s Degrees from UNM’s Extended University in five programs, and Master’s Degrees in three programs.

UNM – Gallup is the largest of the four UNM branch campuses. The college also includes the 25,000-square-foot Zuni South Campus and a 2,500-square-foot facility on Gallup’s north side.

Regional Data by Campus (2021)

College/Universities Total Enrollment Deg./Cert. Awarded
UNM - Gallup 1,889 302
Dine College - Crownpoint 2,033 98
Navajo Technical College - Crownpoint 1,399 195
NMSU – Grants 256 31


Secondary Education Accolades

The City of Gallup / McKinley Region has 32 public schools and 25 private schools.

Gallup McKinley County School District:
Size: 4,957 square miles
Enrollment: 12,281 (2020-2021)
Student – Teacher Ratio: 16.44

Source: National Center for Education Statistics -

Gates Scholarship NM Awardees Regional Awardees Regional %
2015-2016 54 23 43%

Source: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

National Merit Scholars NM Awardees
2020-2021 28

Source: Albuquerque Journal - › News › Albuquerque News