Among the many strategic advantages to locating manufacturing operations in Gallup-McKinley County are:

  • Transcontinental logistics axis featuring Interstate Highway 40 and the BNSF Southern Transcontinental Railway
  • Federal, State & local incentives
  • Vast land resources, no conflicting uses
  • Carbon-neutral energy sourcing
  • Low cost of doing business
  • Low property and building costs
  • Tax advantages
  • High quality education and workforce development opportunities including customizable Industrial Workforce Training programs


Why NM?

State Industry Targets:

Why Gallup-McKinley County?

Project-Industry Mix

BioscienceTechnical Services
CybersecurityAutonomous Vehicles R&D
Film & TelevisionHealth & Recreation Industries
Outdoor RecreationTourism Assets
Sustainable & Value-Added AgricultureFood processing facilities
Intelligent ManufacturingTransportation & Warehousing
Global TradeInternational Investment & Growth-Assets (FTZ, TBIC FDI-Qualified Community)
Sustainable & Green EnergyRegional Pioneer in clean energy transition (Hydrogen, Decarbonization, Solar, Wind & Water technology development


Guaranteed Long-Term Water Supply