4 things New Mexico business leaders suggest in 2021

2 Aug 2021


The U.S. economy is picking up steam, giving many New Mexico business leaders an optimistic view of the future. The only question now is, how do you take advantage of the expected economic growth? Four executives we spoke to have plenty of insights you can use to better navigate the New Mexico business landscape.

Maintain your professional network

"Maintain your professional network with colleagues and friends. Be positive and creative, be open to new ways of doing things. Have compassion; it has been difficult for everyone. Try to be a resource for others," said Deborah L. Breitfeld, executive director and CEO, New Mexico Technology Council.

The pandemic took away our ability to meet in person. But because of technology, we were still able to network with others via videoconferencing and a host of other tools. It's important to maintain your professional network going forward, too.

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