Sandia researchers cited for supercomputing work

13 Jun 2014

Gary Gerew | Albuquerque Business Journal - Two researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have been awarded the second annual “Test of Time” award for a technical paper that has had “wide and lasting impact” in supercomputing.

Bruce Hendrickson and Rob Leland were cited by the awards committee of the 2014 Supercomputing Conference and have been invited to speak at the event in New Orleans this November.

Hendrickson and Leland’s 1995 paper, “A Multilevel Algorithm for Partitioning Graphs,” has been cited approximately 1,000 times, according to Google Scholar, the laboratories said in a news release.

The paper was credited for laying the groundwork for efficient graph partitioning — a method of dividing a large, complex problem among the processors of a parallel computer by creating increasingly smaller graphs that preserve well the information of the large problem, the laboratories said.

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