Solar Power

15 Aug 2016

Second only to Arizona in days of sunshine, New Mexico is in a prime location for solar based energy programs. New Mexico has been ranked in the top ten as a leading state for solar energy for over five years, and if Gallup has anything to say about it, New Mexico will continue to be in the top ten for years to come.

With wide open ranges and clear skies, Gallup is already at the center of a developing energy industry. Wind, coal, oil, and solar all play a part, but with New Mexico sponsoring tax credits for renewable energy, solar energy promises a bright future. Up until 2016, New Mexico had an advanced energy tax credit (, and as the industry continues to develop, there are likely to be future tax credits, too.

For more information on the energy industry in Gallup, possible tax credits in New Mexico’s future, or how solar energy continues to grow, visit the websites offered below:

Greater Gallup EDC:

New Mexico Partnership: