Governor Susana Martinez Announces Gallup Energy Logistics Park Earns Nationally Recognized Certification for Development Potential

9 Feb 2017

Energy Logistics Park

The Grant County Beat | Today, Governor Susana Martinez announced that Gallup Energy Logistics Park has earned BNSF Railway's nationally recognized site certification - one of two in New Mexico and only ten nationwide. This certification shows the potential of Gallup to contribute to New Mexico's growth in commerce, trade and logistics.

"Helping New Mexico grow as a leader in commerce and trade is one of our top priorities for recruiting jobs and investment to our state," Governor Martinez said. "That's why we work so hard to invest in infrastructure and pursue bold reforms that make our state more competitive. This certification is a valuable tool to help the Gallup area contribute to New Mexico's growing role as a leader in national and international business, commerce and trade."

BNSF's certification recognizes a select few industrial sites around the country with top potential for development - the ability to quickly and efficiently offer the space, resources and infrastructure companies across a wide spectrum of industries need to grow along the national rail network. A variety of public and private investments in infrastructure improvements in the region helped the Gallup Energy Logistics Park secure this certification.

Governor Martinez and her administration worked to leverage state and federal funds to invest $78 million in the U.S. 491 highway project, which is critical to allowing for increased commercial traffic the Gallup Energy Logistics Park will need to succeed. In 2016, Gallup Land Partners added 11,000 feet of new rail to the existing 9,000 foot rail spur in the park, investing $5 million, as a result of the increased commercial access that the expansion of U.S. 491 provides to the San Juan Basin.

"The expansion of our regional transportation infrastructure helps open Northwestern New Mexico to more growth," said Tommy Haws, President of the Greater Gallup Economic Development Corporation. "These improvements and the BNSF certification bring continued opportunities to the region and help open our energy market to the word."

A customer who builds a new rail-served facility on a BNSF Certified Site is expected to save between six to nine months of construction time as a result of the site's advanced level of preparedness for development.

"Thanks to the considerable infrastructure investment in our region, potential for Gallup and Northwestern New Mexico are greater than ever," said Representative Patty Lundstrom. "This certification will give us the edge in competing for new investment and brings incredible opportunities to Northwestern New Mexico."

The BNSF program allows the certified sites to use the "BNSF Certified Sites" distinction in marketing materials to attract new businesses. BNSF actively markets the sites on its website and promotes the sites to the economic development industry across the country.

"We look forward to continued development at the Gallup Energy Logistics Park, and throughout the region, as opportunities are made possible by our certification," said Andrew Johnsen, BNSF Associate Vice President of Community Affairs. "By doing the proactive leg work to confirm a site is rail-served and shovel-ready, BNSF's Site Certification Program creates significant value for customers by accelerating the process needed to support customer growth and development."

Under Governor Martinez, transportation infrastructure projects have been a priority. The New Mexico Department of Transportation is currently working on 1,390 projects valued at over $1.4 Billion.

"The improvements we are making in the region are opening up enormous opportunities for our state," said Economic Development Secretary Matt Geisel. "In combination with our powerful incentives, improvements to our existing transportation infrastructure help make New Mexico even more attractive to companies looking at New Mexico as a business location."