Have You Tried GGEDCs Real Estate Search Tool?

16 Apr 2018

The real estate search tool on the Greater Gallup EDC website is critically important for showing site selectors and business owners the available properties in our area, but the value extends far beyond that. Using the GIS Planning tools, interested parties can access the information they need to make informed decisions regarding where they want to locate and if a particular property would meet their search criteria. We encourage all local property owners, developers, and real estate agents to send GGEDC updates regarding available properties so that they can be added to the database. “Promoting community assets, like available real estate, is necessary for facilitating the economic development of our region” said Michael Sage, Deputy Director Greater Gallup EDC.

Going Beyond a Traditional Real Estate Search

It was important for GGEDC to feature a real estate search tool on the website so that site selectors and business owners could easily identify available properties in the region. They can choose from office, retail and industrial properties for sale or lease, search by square footage, etc. The information can be downloaded or sent via email, making it easy to both access properties and to present them. However, this level of information is typically not enough for someone to make an informed decision. To solve this problem, GIS Planning tools were added to the website. They can be used to answer key questions, making it easier for site selectors and business owners to choose the greater Gallup area for their next location.

GIS Planning Tools

Where it really gets interesting is in the ability to add “layers” to the map. Traditionally if a business requires a specific level of internet service (like DSL) there would be no way for them to know if a property had DSL without calling a local provider. This is inconvenient, time consuming, and if there is a doubt, may draw a business or site selector away from a particular property or an overall area. GIS planning tools eliminate that risk. When someone completes a property search, they can select layers for broadband and energy. If what they are looking for is in the area, the map will be highlighted in blue. This makes it possible to glance at the screen and get immediate access to information that is critical for decision making.

Visible Transportation Data

Using the layers tool on the map, site selectors and business owners can also visibly see what transportation options are in that area. For example, in the image below, you can see how two industrial properties for sale in Gallup are right along the railroad, US Highways and the Interstate, while also being close to the airport. That information is available within seconds, making it possible for a site selector or interested business to immediately understand how convenient transportation is in Gallup. There is no need to pull out multiple maps or go through the long process of identifying local assets. Everything is at their fingertips, making it possible to quickly evaluate the potential of a particular location or the greater Gallup area.

Zoning Information

Buying or leasing a property with the correct zoning it critical for a business. Using the map feature, a business can instantly determine what the zoning is for a particular property.


If a particular business is searching for a property in a US Hub Zone or in an area where the New Market Tax Credit would apply, they can do so using our real estate search tools. Gallup has multiple properties within these zones which can be beneficial from a lending or profitability standpoint.

Other Available Information

Site selectors and businesses can also use our GIS Planning tools to determine the following information:

  • Flood zones
  • City limits
  • Local points of interest
  • Proximity to secondary education

Retailers Benefit from Using Heat Maps

Attracting new retailers to the area is easier using heat maps. Retailers require key demographic information to determine if their target customer is located within a specific area. This could include information on the sex, age or income of the population. Using our heat map tool, it is possible to determine if the demographics would support a particular business and how conveniently located a property would be for their ideal customer base. The below image is an example of how household information can appear in the search.

You Can Help Support the Community

It takes a great deal of time to keep the real estate database current. You can help to support GGEDCs efforts to promote the greater Gallup area by sending information on any available properties.


Michael Sage