NM’s huge strides toward healthier economy

22 Aug 2018

In the last seven years, we’ve made huge strides in creating a healthier economy and a better business climate, which has allowed us to help private sector businesses create new jobs in New Mexico. This commitment to economic development has grown and diversified New Mexico’s economy, and the numbers bear that out.

Under the leadership of Gov. Susana Martinez, we have prioritized and strengthened JTIP and LEDA – two crucial economic development tools, and we’ve launched new ones like the Catalyst Fund, to grow New Mexico companies. These tools strengthen our workforce and build the business infrastructure. They expand New Mexico’s competitiveness to recruit job creators to the state, and they support the job-creating expansions of existing New Mexican companies. Under Gov. Martinez, we’ve also cut taxes and fees 57 times, slashed red tape and invested in critical infrastructure.

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