Gallup Pipeline and Compliance Services is Growing and Looking to Grow Gallup With It

Gallup Pipeline and Compliance Services is Growing and Looking to Grow Gallup With It Main Photo

16 Oct 2018

Gallup Pipeline and Compliance Services, LLC (GPCS) is a thriving Gallup company, serving the oil and gas industry in New Mexico, Arizona, and West Texas. Since launching the company, owner Roger Montano has continued to expand, something that has been made possible by the dedication and skill of his team. “Without our ‘family’ of employees none of this would be possible,” said Roger. His ultimate goal is to help stimulate economic growth in Gallup and the surrounding communities through the expansion of GPCS and the continued hiring of local talent. With local and regional infrastructure needing to be improved, there are numerous opportunities for the company to continue growing and several exciting projects are in the works for 2019.

As a diverse specialty service group, GPCS specializes in the Cathodic Protection of utility assets as well as supporting a wide variety of projects including excavations, evaluations, upgrades, repairs, installations and remediation of existing and new energy infrastructure.  They also provide consultation support for agency audits and database reviews. The demand for their services is growing in Gallup and regionally, mainly due to ageing infrastructure, population growth and the need for new or upgraded assets.

We had the pleasure of speaking with owner Roger Montano about the company, how it got started, and the reasons they have chosen to focus on the Gallup area.

Q: Roger, what inspired you to start your business?

A: I was responsible for corrosion monitoring projects and budgeting planning on 700 miles of natural gas pipeline. The Gallup area was not attractive to outside contractors because the added cost of mobilization made a lot of projects difficult to schedule and budget for. This is home, where I was born and raised.  I was lucky enough to be afforded the opportunity to go to work in this industry here at home as well as becoming trained and certified.

Q: Is being located in Gallup good for business?

A: Yes, we are one of the only companies in the Southwest with our unique capabilities.

Q: What is the support structure like for businesses located in Gallup?

A: We are getting a ton of support from a lot of various businesses and a lot of folks that we have done business with for years here in the community.

Q: Have you received any business assistance, incentives or support from local economic development or state agencies?

A: Yes, we have received assistance and support from the Greater Gallup Economic Development, Small Business Development Center, PTAC, and NMFA. They have all provided great advice and tools and have teamed up with Pinnacle Bank in helping us to grow each year.

Q: Is there any business support you require today?

A: We want to encourage young folks to enter technical and job skills training programs to help jump start their careers. There are opportunities with companies like ours that make it possible for local students to graduate and get a good job close to home. We want them to be prepared to do so.

Ultimately, we want to help support the community and hiring local talent is one way we can do so.

Q: What role does GPCS play in the community?

A: This is home for us. We strive to be valuable members of the community with our major goal of becoming a leader in the improvement of the economy, as well as the surrounding community.

Q: Why do you and your employees enjoy living in Gallup?

A: We have our roots here.  Our employees are from here and their families are here.  We travel many miles every week, but Gallup is home.