‘Once Upon a River’ most anticipated film of 2019 at the Gallup Film Festival

20 Sep 2019

Writer and Director Haroula Rose, of Lincolnwood, Ill. was at the Gallup Film Festival September 12-14.  Her film, Once Upon a River, based on Bonnie Jo Campbell’s New York Times’ 2011 best selling novel of the same name, was screened at 6pm on September 14.

The film features actor Kenadi DelaCerna, who plays Margo, a young 15-year-old girl whose uncle, “Cal” lures her into a situation in which he takes advantage of her in a small river town along the Kalamazoo River near Lake Michigan. Margo’s father Bernard Crane is played by Tatanka Means, who comes to his daughter’s aid and defense as a fatal quarrel ensues with Uncle Cal.

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