From an old car dealership, Torc tests driverless technology on Albuquerque highways

23 Mar 2022


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Sitting at the wheel of a gleaming Freightliner Cascadia truck with almost 40 tons of cargo in the trailer behind him, Paul Norero watches the light for the entrance ramp to I-25 turn green. He checks his mirrors and cross-traffic and presses down on the accelerator.  

Halfway up the ramp from downtown Albuquerque, the 18-year trucking veteran presses a button. The overhead ambient lighting in the cab turns a soft blue as the system from Torc Robotics takes over. The truck signals and pulls into its lane. A nearby monitor shows the world the truck “sees” through its array of cameras, mapping software, radar and laser-precise lidar. 

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