Optimism is a State of Mind

1 Apr 2013

For CEOs, employee optimism can be a competitive advantage. Employees who believe in a brighter future and are willing to work toward that vision will often find solutions to vexing business problems.

Adora Svitak’s TED Talk makes a compelling case that thinking like a child with a focus on possibilities rather than limitations is key to success. Listen to this 12-year old make the case that you can find solutions to challenging problems if you eliminate your fear of restrictions. After listening to Adora, my confidence that the American Dream can be fully achieved by even more people has increased dramatically. The current barriers can be reduced or eliminated with innovative solutions that will be identified and implemented by people in your community with an optimistic outlook on the future.

Optimism can enable achievement of the American Dream. So, which states have the most optimistic people in our nation?

Based on the 2012 American Dream State Ranking Report, Delaware is the #1 most optimistic state.

Top 10 Most Optimistic States:
New Mexico

Implications in Site Selection

These are the states with a labor pool whose optimistic attitude might very well determine the altitude of a company’s success. Based on the survey data, people in these states have a brighter outlook on the future. They will be able to bring that optimism to problem solving on the job. For companies with challenges in achieving global success, this optimistic attitude might just be the key to finding the right solution.

The opportunity is there for CEOs looking to expand (or establish) business operations to consider the importance of an optimistic employee base, and take the relative ranking of states into consideration when making their final location choice in the site selection decision process.

Article By The Burghard Group