Is the community willing to do its part for economic development?

20 Nov 2016

Economic Development

To the Citizens of Gallup and McKinley County:

I attended the announcement by Gallup Land Partners on Oct. 17 regarding the groundbreaking ceremony for the Gallup Energy Logistics Park. The event was hosted by Greater Gallup Economic Development Corportation. It was exciting to hear about the $4,000,000 investment to construct the rail terminal for the Park.

It is critical for the community to pursue economic development in a proactive way so that we can expand our tax base and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Gallup and McKinley County. The expansion of the tax base should help us improve the infrastructure in the community, and enable us to recruit more professionals to our area. If we have more professionals moving into the community, that will enhance the property values related to residential and commercial properties.

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